Building for the Future

In April 2026 our lease at Longview Elementary expires and we must find a new home.  This Journey for our church family has begun!


From our Constitution and Bylaws, the purpose of this church shall be to proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, to witness to the lost with a view of their being brought into a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, to teach the Word of God, and to encourage godly living by the believers. (Eph 4.12)


Embrace new members with Christian love as modeled in the Bible and help them grow in the knowledge, love and service of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To support the vision, we need a facility which is inviting and allows space for worship.

We seek a facility which provides a welcoming atmosphere and as a minimum has adequate seating for a regular attendance of our young church


Our goal is to find a location to support our current membership and financial capacity by April 2026.
Necessary attributes:
  • Welcoming foyer
  • Worship area
  • 3 classrooms
  • Nursing mothers’ space
  • Restrooms
  • Storage
  • Adequate parking
Other desired attributes:
  • Small kitchen
  • Luncheon area
  • Up to 8 classrooms
  • Office space
  • Outdoor green area with playground
  • Baptismal front

Current Status

Based on current figures and data, here is where we currently stand.

2023 Budget

  • Rent: $43,200 allocated for both the school and the Franklin office ($3,600/month)
    • Affords us ~$500k loan, needing to raise up to $175k for down payment
  • Utilities: $1,920 ($160/month)
  • Insurance: $2,427, covers property policy and a General Liability policy

Attendance & Space

  • Our move-out date from Longview Elementary has been extended!  The new date is April 2026 (previously June 2025)
  • Today we have ~200 attendees and the area used is 7,500 sq ft
  • Building committee estimates ~8,000 -12,000 sq ft to accommodate current attendance, plus growth

Building Team

Richard Holmes, Adam Botterbusch, David Wages, and Rachel Smith

Finance Team

Richard Holmes, Amanda Corbett, and Aaron Yonkers

The Plan


Lease / Warehouse Buildout
Estimated Monthly Cost: $5,000 - 20,000

Retail Space
Sunday Rental Only
Existing Church
Williamson Co. School
Maury Co. School

Details to be considered:
Lease duration


Buy Land & Build
3+ acres: ~$500k

Option 1: Traditional Church Build
Estimated Cost: $1.5M - $2.0M
Option 2: Pre-engineered Building
Estimated Cost: ~$500k

Details to be considered:
Down payment
Monthly payments

Current Actions & Needs From You


  • Prayerfully consider at least an increase in personal giving
  • Prayerfully consider a one-time gift or giving when you have extra
  • Explore fundraising opportunities
    • The team is looking for both ideas, and people!  Please reach out if you are interested in helping


  • Transparency
  • Patience
  • Suggestions & ideas
  • Prayer:
    • In selecting a temporary, short-term, home
    • Raising funds to purchase land
    • Getting approval from lenders for building


Congregational Meeting

December 3rd, 2023
Please click the following link for the Church handout:

Congregational Meeting

August 27th, 2023
Please click the following link for the Church handout:

Suggestions or Ideas?

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