Grace Reformed Network Conference

Potential New Home

Congregational meeting on April 11th at this facility!
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1018 Parkway Drive, Spring Hill
Current Home of Community Baptist Church

  • Lease start date is approximately January 2025.
  • The facility meets all of the necessary attributes defined in our search as well as the other desired attributes.
  • The facility has the feel of a church building once you are inside.  The other facilities we looked at were connected by outside walkways.  This building is self-contained.
  • The owner appears to be church friendly and desires a long-term relationship for what he considers a core part of his business strategy for this building.
  • If leased, the owner offered the use of a classroom as an office for Jon from July 2024 onward at no cost.
  • Please find the updated pledge information under "Next Steps" below.

Next Steps

The Building & Finance team and elders of GRC will be holding a congregational meeting on April 11th at this facility!  The goal is to give the congregation the chance to see the property with their own eyes.

The Elders at GRC desire this transition to be approved/denied by the congregation. There is no formal offer being made, but we know it would cost more than what we are currently paying for both Longview Elementary and the Franklin office.  That being said, there are many upsides to having a church home.  

2024 & 2025 Pledge

Grace Reformed Church has already accepted in-person pledges for 2024, but, because of this new opportunity, the elders are hoping to gain additional clarity about 2025.  

  • If you have already submitted a pledge for 2024:  
    • Please submit a pledge for 2025, but DO NOT enter a pledge for 2024 again.  These submissions are anonymous and a second submission will cause a double entry.
  • If you have NOT submitted a pledge for 2024
    • Please submit both a 2024 (paper copy only - available at welcome desk) and 2025 pledge linked below.


  • Has everything we NEED from a church facility, plus more
  • GRC would have a unified place of worship for preaching and teaching
  • Space is available to be used for events and meetings during the week that we cannot do at our current facilities (training, youth and adult meetings, outreach opportunities, etc.)
  • No need for the "church in a box" setup/tear down on Sundays
  • Great location in Spring Hill, with direct access off the freeway
  • Before move-in date, Jon would have an office when the Franklin lease expires in June at no additional cost (roughly $10,000 in savings)


  • Lease cost would be more than what we are paying now.
    • This would mean we are saving less each month toward a permanent building
  • One missing piece from our "nice to have list": playground


Let's work together.

Any suggestions or comments? We would love to hear from you!